What I Learned at Veni Flores’ How To Make Thoughts Happen

I attended Veni Flores’ 3-hour talk on How To Make Thoughts Happen in Prestige Tower, Ortigas yesterday.

This is the first motivational talk I attended this year.  The truth is, I’m more of a book lady than an attendee.  (I will comfortably read the books of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and my new favorite Shawn Achor in the comfort of our house.)

The premise behind the How To Make Thoughts Happen is CHANGE. You will not grow unless you choose to change.  If you want to lead a better life you have to change your way of life.

Awesome, right?

Or to say it another way, “The biggest choke hold on leading a beautiful life is the mind set and skill set of the owner.”

I took notes during the talk. In reviewing them on the car back, I underlined a couple of take-aways:

Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you.

Life gets rough from time to time and many things happen that are out of our control. BUT, what we CAN control is how we CHOOSE to react and PERCEIVE these events and our ATTITUDE going forward. By adopting an attitude of life is happening for us, rather than to us, we can make sense out of many tough situations.

Most dreams fade away on the direction of how.

The how will show up when you get clear on what you want. Focus first on what you want without regard to how you will make it happen.

It’s never about your resources; it’s about your resourcefulness.

If you are resourceful, you will get the resources. People always act on the basis of what they believe. If you want to change their actions (or your own) you have to change their beliefs.

And my favorite…

God gave you unique talents and gifts for a specific reason. You are designed to create and serve others.

And as a human being, we have an incredible opportunity to use our talents and gifts as a force for good and make a heroic difference in the world. Have faith in our ideas and take action on them. Otherwise, we’re squandering the beautiful gifts our Creator has blessed us with.

There was so much more.

This only scratches the surface of what I learned. Truly, this talk was a gift to me at this time in my career. If you are serious about taking yourself to the next level, I highly recommend you attend Veni Flores’ How To Make Thoughts Happen. It was educational, life changing and fun-packed too (the truth is, I was giggling all the time).

The talk can be summed up as to somewhat religious awaking, and emotional knock up (backed by science), all rolled into one.

For me Veni is the Tony Robbins of the Philippines.

Cheers Veni!


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