Preparation Session:
•”Creating Multiple Victories”
Session One: “Universal Laws of Manifestation”
Session Two: “Subliminals in Marketing, Shielding and Reinforcement”
Session Three: “Neuro-Linguistic Programming for yourself, for
influence and closing deals”

Part of the Camp is a workshop that will help a participant break his/her own undesirable, rejected and denied pattern and will have the ability to repeat the process if needed in the future.

This workshop is called *”Interrupting Patterns” formulated by VeniFlores Training Technology. (Addressing unity, humility, commitment and loyalty issues) 1.5 to 2 hours

But for some people there might be more powerful than patterns. That is why they compromise better goals, vision or improvements. Even if they don’t deserve what they are currently producing, even if they see obviously that other people or sometimes an entire organization is suffering, for these
people, it is still better to choose the “comfortable zone” than transferring to
the “unknown”.

The power that makes the negative pattern comfortable and which strongly convince you to stay in less performance is *FEAR.

The workshop to break this and to initially generate strength on your own as you leave the “comfort zone” and transfer to the unknown are:
“The Power of Releasing Activity” & “The ‘Ghost is You’ Activity”
(addressing accountability issues) 2 to 3 hours

But there is more powerful than fear that can still drive you to go back to your lesser self and that is *boastfulness, ego and self centeredness.

This is considered to be the most powerful among the enemies of unity,
improvement, achievement and success. The only power to dissolve this is HUMILITY.

The workshop for this is the “Humility Exercise” (Addressing accountability and leadership issues) 30 minutes to 1 hour

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