One Million Peso 90-Day Challenge

One Million Peso 90-Day Challenge

is an introductory seminar of the entire learning program of VeniFlores Training Technology which must be followed by “Creating Multiple Victories” and “The Breakthrough Camp” to achieve a higher level of performance and production. But in this initial seminar, huge changes and results can be seen and experienced by the participants few days after the training.

It is because this seminar is directly dealing with reasons and not just transferring of information. In the training seminar, root cause will be discovered on why an individual is being trapped in the loop of what they call “failure” and having a very hard time to manifest positive results.

In that very day, a participant will learn on:

•how to eliminate powerful programs within them which pull a person down and hold him back from achieving the maximum result that a person can actually accomplish.
•how to make a million pesos in just 90 days through scientifically proven approaches
•how to adjust ones ‘thermostat’ in seeing how big or how small a million pesos really is
•how to engage on the initial action plan to start leaving the comfort zone and start dealing with the uncomfortable process of making more money

The main part of this seminar is learning and bringing home the real ultimate formula of success. And from this a person can independently use this formula and apply in his life every time he wanted to.

We already witnessed extreme positive results from our students in the area of sales, financial rewards, relationships and inner peace. Their testimonials can be seen on youtube videos.

Five of them voluntarily shared their stories in the Millionaires Edition of the book on how they made a million peso and more in just 90 Days after learning from the seminar version and from the book version of this learning design.


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